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 The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Atlanta Branch, Inc.

Membership is open to all persons age eighteen and older, interested in the objects of this Local Association (Branch) of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Membership in the RSCDS is required for membership in the Local Association (Branch).
Persons age seventeen and under may become Junior Associates.
The objectives of the Local Association (Branch) are:
  • To preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish Country Dances and modern dances of merit in the traditional style;
  • To provide or assist in providing in the dancing of Scottish Country Dances;
  • To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of Scottish Country Dancing and Music by any suitable means;
  • Generally to do such other things as are or may be considered by the Local Association (Branch) to further the aims of the Society.


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Membership Fees (Annual)
Adult Single (25+): RSCDS HQ $25.00 + Atlanta Branch $15.00 $40.00 
Adult Joint (2, Same Address): RSCDS HQ $38.00 + Atlanta Branch $26.00 $64.00
Young Adult (18-24): RSCDS HQ $19.00 + Atlanta Branch $13.00 $32.00
New Member after Dec 31, 2009: RSCDS HQ $12.50 + Atlanta Branch $7.50 $20.00
Junior Associate: Age 17 or younger; no voting privileges or RSCDS publications $ 5.00

The RSCDS is not currently accepting nor renewing Long Term Memberships.

The Petronella Paper - The Official Newsletter of the RSCDS, Atlanta Branch
The Petronella Paper is now available online at the Atlanta Branch Web Site, .
We encourage you to access it there and print out your own copy at no charge. You can be notified by email when the new issue is ready.
You may still pay for mail delivery if you wish, as specified below: 
Full Year, (July 1 - June 30) six issues. US deilvery - $6.00; (non-US delivery - $12.00)
Donations to the Atlanta Branch Memorial Scholarship Fund are greatly appreciated.

For subscription requests, write: The Editor, The Petronella Paper RSCDS, Atlanta Branch PO Box 1941, Marietta, GA 30061-1941